Teen Lifestyle Meal Planning

Teen Lifestyle Is getting your teenager to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet an everyday challenge? During the teen years, good nutrition plays a vital role in proper growth and development as well as eating habits later in life. Now is the time to teach your teen good eating habits that will last a lifetime. The Teen Lifestyle Templates will help guide you through feeding your teenager a healthy diet that you can BOTH agree on. The Teen Lifestyle Templates will ensure your teenager is receiving all of the essential nutrients they need for proper growth and development through these crucial years. These Templates include what all teenagers need: plenty of calcium, iron, calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, zinc, as well as other essential nutrients. These Templates are formed around a healthy diet for teens that includes four or more servings of dairy per day; four to six ounces of lean meat per day, fish, poultry or dried beans per day; three servings of vegetables; two servings of fruit and at least six servings of grain products per day.

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