LIGHT OF THE WHIRL’S purpose is to work with employers that are looking for ways to help their employees become healthier, to empower the workforce, pay less in health care costs which in turn can dramatically reduce health insurance premiums, cut down on workers that have to take sick time, to file less disability claims, and have a much higher level of productivity. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL will customize health plans with the right nutrients, workout program and wellness and fitness regiment. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL will identify the proper minerals, make sure workouts are done correctly, and figure out why weight is not being loss or muscle being build. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL’S in-house physicians work to design the best wellness plan for the lifestyle. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL CONDUCTS test for weight loss program to build muscle or aiming to achieve optimal wellness. This test will monitor if the weight loss program or fitness program is building muscle, losing fat or just simply gaining or losing fluid. An essential test to know how the body is really changing during dietary or fitness programs. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL will use scientific testing such as BIA test to accurately measure the following bio markers: Fat mass Percentage of the total body mass that is fat Muscle mass Percentage of total body mass that is muscle Fat distribution – An indicator for diabetes / heart disease BMI and the speed of your metabolism LIGHT OF THE WHIRL will use a system of treatment of disease that avoids drugs and surgery and emphasizes the use of natural agents (as air, water, food) LIGHT OF THE WHIRL’S wellness specialist will give this comprehensive health assessment listen carefully to individual problems and symptoms. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL will collect a detailed case history of overall health, getting an understanding of what is the underlying cause of symptoms. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL’S wellness plans also include the following diagnostics: Iris analysis, bowel toxicity, zinc testing, blood pressure and pulse reading, cellular(consisting of cells) health analysis, cell salt reading (CSR),nail and tongue diagnosis, hair and mineral analysis. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL’S individualized wellness plans may include herbal and nutritional medicines, cell salts, homeopathic remedies and dietary modifications. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL helps athletes to stay at the peak of physical and emotional health. By keeping the body and mind at its ultimate health potential to maximize performance on the sports field, in the gym and pounding the pavement. LIGHT OF THE WHIRL will analyze the health of the body cells to identify how well cells are producing energy, if diet is meeting the body’s requirement for antioxidants and nutrients for optimum cellular health, if the body is absorbing nutrients correctly allowing for optimum performance, if overtraining is taking place, tracking changes in body fat, muscle, fluid distribution, if the supplements taken are increasing performance, if the correct supplements are being taken. Our goal is to provide an increased level of job satisfaction and higher overall company morale. This in turns leads to employees working longer on their jobs and reducing the cost of the very expensive process of hiring and retaining new workers. The bottom line is getting employees healthier is in everyone’s best interests.