Meal Planning With KJohn


We are so thankful to have you with us. We are a Hawaii based health care company partnering with SBFIT to bring the best in online mobile meal planning.

Are you finding it difficult to cook sumptuous home-cooked meals?

Have you tried cooking and just didn’t have the proper mealplanning?

Are you eating tasteless microwave dinners every night?

LOTW meal planning app is for you.

With our online mobile meal planning you’ll have wonderful and mouthwatering menus to choose from every day.

Start your wellness intake today, we’ll set up a zoom or phone call to gather all the necessary information in making your online mobile meal plan account.

You’ll be able to choose from many types of meal planing templates.

Get in touch with us today!

Start 365 Subscription for limited time offer discount.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

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LOTW online Mobile meal planning app will provide you with a baseline to calculate a “weight loss zone” most people on our weight loss wellness program experience 1 ½ pound a week weight loss.

Regardless of the the deit used to lose weight, our participants know the precise foods and number of calories necessary to loss and maintain a health weight.

Most of our clients get started with the Energy Booster Wellness Plan; includes delicious recipes and many different menus to choose from.

Do you feel like it’s a struggle to get out of bed in the morning, feel tired after lunch and barely make it through the evening without falling asleep on the couch? Do you feel just plain worn-out? Do you want to lose a few pound, start eating healthier, than maybe our Energy Booster Wellness Package is just what you need.

The Energy Booster Wellness Package ensures that you eat high-energy, healthy foods all day long to help you fight fatigue and help get you through your busy day with vigor.

Incorporates quick delicious energy boosting meals during the least energetic parts of your day. Don’t let your diet be the culprit of lost motivation!

Use the Energy Booster Wellness Package to turn your day around!

We have hundreds of meal templates for people that are on the go all the time, travel for work or always in a hurry and not sure what to eat at restaurants, or what to buy in the grocery stores or shopping at the market?

With our 356 Day subscription you receive an all inclusive access to download our online mobile meal planning and accountability program for only .81cent a day.

We have menus that will guide you to making better choices that will help comply with your weight management goals, lose weight, feel energized and healthy.

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