Hi to Low Glycemic Meal Plans

Meal Type: Hi to Low Glycemic R2

The glycemic index is a helpful tool that measures how fast a food, that contains carbohydrates, will raise your blood sugar. The values on the glycemic index chart are based on pure glucose.

Glucose is a carbohydrate that absorbs very quickly into the body, which makes it a good base to compare other foods to. Glucose is given the value of 100 and all other foods are compared to that number. The closer a food is to the value of 100, the faster it will be absorbed into your bloodstream and the faster the body will use it up.

The lower the number is the slower it is absorbed into your bloodstream. The glycemic index only applies to foods that contain carbohydrates. That includes every food group except the meat and fat group.

The Hi to Low Glycemic Templates incorporates hi glycemic foods in the morning and afternoon for high energy and winds you down with low glycemic foods in the late afternoon and through the evening hours when you are less active.

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