Heart Health

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Meal Type: Heart Disease Prevention R2
These menus follow the quidelines set by
the American Heart Association to help
reduce your risk of heart disease. They are
jam-packed with fruits, vegetables, a
variety of whole-grain products, and “good”

The menus are rich in foods that
contain soluble fibers as well as omega-3
fatty acids such as fatty fish, nuts and
flaxseed, which all help to lower cholesterol
and protect our heart health.

This heart healthy diet is high in B vitamins including
B6 and folate, which may help to lower
levels of a substance called homocysteine in
the blood. High levels of homocysteine are a
clear risk factor for heart disease.

Other heart healthy substances included in these menus are phytochemicals such as
isoflavones found in legumes such as
soybeans; lycopene found in produce such
as tomatoes; indoles found in cruciferous
vegetables such as broccoli, polyphenols
present in green or black tea; and beta-
carotene found in orange and yellow

The foods contained in these
menus increase your intake of not only
phytochemicals but also antioxidants,
which also can help to protect you from
certain health problems such as heart

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