21 Day Detox Meat for Men

The 21 Day Jump Start program begins with a detox and cleanse phase which include lean meats for the first 14 days followed by 7 day low glycemic phase eating plan. Our animal protein detoxification template is full of organic chicken and beef sources of protein along with lentils and black beans for cleansing.

Our elimination process begins by avoiding all dairy, gluten/wheat grains, caffeine, fish, shellfish and corn products. It is loaded with high fiber fruits and vegetables along with providing you with low glycemic, high nutrient based carbohydrates such as brown rice, broccoli, and asparagus.

The final 7 days of the 21 day plan moves away from the detox phase and follows a strict low glycemic plan where the glycemic index rating of all carbohydrates is rated no higher than 55. This means higher sustained energy levels and better metabolic management for weight control.

Important: All of our detoxification templates should also include a good quality probiotic and multi-vitamin along with high volumes of purified bottled water daily.

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