Where did the New Year Goals Go?!

OnLine Mobile Meal Planning App | PayPal

I’m the founder of a community based health care firm named Light Of The Whirl Health Care. We just launched a fitness nutrition, and mindful Mobile app called LightOfTheWhirl! We would like to provide you virtual wellness support. Please click, subscribe to our yearly subscription online.

Do you have a fitness routine that you would like to enhance?

Do you want to partner with your meal planning?

Would you benefit from a community of accountability?

Then maybe our Light Of The Whirl mobile meal planning App is just what you need!

OnLine Mobile Meal Planning App | PayPal

Step 1

Purchase a meal planning subscription service using the shopping cart.

Step 2

Complete your Health Assessment questionnaire here so that we can customize your recommendations.

Step 3

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with a member of our team to review your questionnaire and set up your account.

Step 4

Download the app on Apple or Android and explore your meal plans and accountability metrics.

The mission of Light of the Whirl is to support overall wellness for individuals, families, and workplace communities. We accomplish this through understanding each clients metabolism and developing customized meal plans and grocery shopping lists.

We give you access to hundreds of dietary meal plans designed by our registered dietitians, nutrition specialists, and contributing doctors that will address your customer’s personal health, personal fitness trainer, weight loss, disease prevention and special dietary preferences.

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