The benefits of Roots

We perish from lack of knowledge of the land and how our ancestors of ancient years have healed themselves through plants, herbs, roots and flowers. Fortunately for me I have indigenous ancestry from both sides of my family so these approaches come naturally.

My opening statement is so powerful because as a people we have giving up on passing down our abilities of natural remedies that have been bring ease to a dis-eased body for hundreds and even thousands of years all over the world. “News Flash” we should be using natural remedies “every day” regardless of if you are vaccinated , Sick, healthy, young, or seasoned in age.

The education of our trusted medical industry has taken the place of our ancestry knowledge and wisdom of healing the body, mind and spirit. One of the main reasons is the over emphasis on bacteria as disease causing agents this contribute to the problem because we leave the healing of dis-ease to the pharmaceutical sales professionals and not to the day to day use of Mothers natures healing medicine. Yes, and for those who know, I do work with the industry. However, I know better than to trust/completely on drugs. That’s equal to a farmer farm in his land not eating the vegetables, it just doesn’t make good sense.

However keep in mind as an industry pharmaceuticals themselves have experienced difficult from its inception of actually creating an affect pharmaceutical antiviral. Truth be told of all of the thousands of drugs on the market, there are only two antivirals that have been developed to actually work: Ribavirin “It can treat severe lung infections caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)” and Tamiflu “oseltamivir phosphateis an antiviral drug. It works by attacking the flu virus to keep it from multiplying in your body and by reducing the symptoms of the flu. Tamiflu can sometimes keep you from getting the flu if you take it before you get sick, if taken with ginseng root the combination can fight off the toughest viruses.”

However with the tremendous amount of anti-biotics which means anti-the body / kills the body, which is a western way of research scientific research on Viral treatments have been focused not so much on finding affective antivirals but on vaccinations and vaccines.

So now we take vaccinations for an increasing number of viral diseases such as smallpox, polio, measles, hepatitis B, influenza strains etc. Adding to the bigger problem we have here on the mainland of why few people ever think of antivirals as a specific entity that might be used in / alongside of medicine. All we know of are antibiotics.

However the word antiviral is not heard of by most people who are suffering at home by themselves in quarantine with a mask covering them face being told to isolate themselves from their family, loved ones and community. This is a form of treatment? Humm… we perish from our lack of knowledge of the land and how to heal the body from dis-ease and bring about a state of ease.

Nevertheless antivirals do exist in great quality around the world as plants: roots, flowers, stems etc. The strongest herbal antivirals are more easily found in medical plants used in community medicines what some people call indigenous or traditional practices.

For hundreds even thousands of years people have been experiencing ease of the body by using plant medicine. There are truly magnificent antiviral antibacterial plants being used all over the world such as in South America, Africa, and China that or not to be had in the western world no matter how effective they are unless you travel to those places you just will not find them here in the states.

All of these powerful plant medicines can be made into powerful tinctures and if so be sure to use the roots. Be wise everyone and start cultivating and collect herbs for self, family and love ones.

So with that off my heart, today I’m going to talk about one of the most powerful Chinese herbs known on the planet “Chinese skullcap”.

Sow the seeds outdoor in late spring. Or in the fall use containers inside the house. The seeds usually sprout 15 to 30 days. They grow easily in a sunny part of the garden keep the soil moist. Well drained in the sun or partially shade. Hardy to zone five, and will survive drought pretty well once establish.

You can harvest the aerial plant at flowering and make fresh plant tinctures. However, the power is in the roots. You must take care of the roots to heal the tree! They should be harvest after three years of growth, cut to usable links and dried carefully in the shade. Once well dried, they should be stored in plastic bags in a plastic tub in a cool location in the dark.

Spring roots have more healing powers. The good quality roots will be yellowish when dry, even a bright yellow in color. Poorly prepared are severely oxidized roots will be greenish or even black in color discard them.

Skullcap is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Chinese medicine it has been used for over 2000 years. It is one of the most wildly use herbs in a Chinese medicine. If you wish to purchase this as a tincture at a store be sure to buy the Chinese “Roots” NOT the European version which is S. Galericulata.

I hope this information has been helpful. If so please subscribe to my page and or reach out with any questions you may have. Right now i am “seeking / see” land to grow, cultivating, and harvest healing roots plants, flowers and vegetables. Keep me in your prayers, all of you are in mine!

May your hands be cleansed that they create beautiful things. May your feet be cleansed, that they might take you where you most need to be. May your heart be cleansed, that you might hear its message clearly. May your throat be cleansed, that you might speak rightly when words are needed.



A large number of structurally unique antiviral compounds from the medical plants or herbs have been identified. The Benefits of natural compounds are fewer side effects in comparison to orthodox medical drugs.

Other antiviral herbs. Thought it not robbery to let you know.

◦ Chinese skullcap ◦ Elder ◦ Ginger ◦ Houttuynia ◦ Isatis ◦ Licorice ◦ Lomatium

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